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Compare SR22 insurance before you purchase your auto insurance coverage.  You owe it to yourself to get the coverage you need at the lowest rate possible.

If a driver has his license suspended or taken away because of high risk actions such as driving while intoxicated, not carrying valid insurance, driving recklessly or car accidents, this will make it more difficult for him to attain auto insurance.  

Even when a license is given back after being suspended, it will still be difficult for this person to find adequate auto insurance coverage.  Seeing as auto insurance is required by law, this leaves the driver with just two options

Option One - Do not drive anymore.

Option Two - Take a very dangerous risk of driving without auto insurance coverage.

Luckily there is one more option if you find yourself in these unfortunate circumstances.  This option is an SR22 insurance document.  Before doing this, ensure that you compare SR22 insurance quotes to make certain you get a great rate for your auto insurance needs. SR22 insurance is not a set insurance plan; instead it is the name of the certificate that is required by the insurer in order to file the insurance forms with the state.  

Requirements - The SR22 requirements vary within different states.  It allows coverage that provides the minimum amount of insurance required by a driver for a specific state. One must also remember that insurance is still required if you drive a car you don’t own. There are three different kinds of SR22 insurance forms available, depending on the differing circumstances of each driver.

  • Form 1 - The first of these forms is an operator document.  This document pertains to the insurance that covers a licensed driver who is driving a vehicle that isn't his or her own.  It is the law that the driver who has had his or her license suspended at one time must have this document if operating a vehicle that isn't owned by someone else.
  • Form 2 - This form is for an owner's documentation.  It is needed for getting a license reinstated for a driver that owns a vehicle.
  • Form 3 - This type is required if a driver has had his license reinstated and they both own a vehicle and operate a vehicle that they don't own.  In other words they need an owner-operator certificate.

Coverage of SR22

What will a DUI certified auto insurance policy cover for a driver that got his or her license back?  Of course there is variation between state regulations, but it will generally extend to property damage and liability in an accident involved a high risk driver.  

In many cases, though, this coverage only takes care of covering the costs of the other motor vehicle involved in the accident, not the actual high risk drivers themselves.  The main reason for this coverage is to give the other drivers peace of mind, knowing that they will be taken care of if an accident occurs with a high risk driver.  

However if the high risk driver does not cause the accident or it is a no-fault incident, it is highly likely that the high risk driver's expenses will be covered by their insurance company.

If you compare SR22 insurance online, you will be able to figure out the auto insurance rate that works best for you.

Compare SR22 Insurance and Its Cost

These insurance costs tend to be more than if you were not labeled a high risk driver.  It is common knowledge that a higher risk driver will be expected to pay more for auto insurance coverage. This does not mean that you can't get a good deal either.  By comparing SR22 insurance rates, you can make sure you are getting the lowest rate possible for your needs.  

It will be costly, but you can always find a better rate if you look hard enough.  As well, because your circumstance is a little more complex than most, it is crucial that you understand all of the aspects of SR22 insurance before comparing SR22 insurance rates across the board.  

The Bottom Line Is That You Need to Compare SR22 insurance - An SR22 form means that you have acquired adequate auto insurance coverage that satisfies the state in which you reside.  This means that even though you have had your license suspended, you are now legally able to drive and your license has officially been reinstated.  

The majority of these suspensions are due to not having auto insurance, although there are numerous other driving offenses that can warrant an SR22 form requirement in order to have your license given back.  

If you have had a DUI conviction, you will normally require an SR22 for five years.  Another offense will double that time, and a third offense will move it to 25 years.  With a fourth offense, the driver will be forced to carry SR22 insurance forever.

In this case a driver will find it very difficult to find an insurance company that will provide coverage.

If you have unfortunate driving incidents and need an SR22 document, ensure you compare SR22 insurance before you purchase your auto insurance.  Just because you are at a disadvantage doesn't mean you can't get a better rate with your auto insurance.

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