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Colorado SR22 insurance quotes can be obtained by clicking the simple quote form and are especially for people that are considered habitual offenders in the state of Colorado. Failure to have proper insurance, being convicted of vehicular assault or vehicular homicide, failure to pay child support, and not willingly taking a blood alcohol test can lead to a loss of license. With the loss of your driver’s license comes the need to carry SR22 insurance for the complete term that you are sentenced to. You can start the process of getting your driver’s license here by getting Colorado SR22 insurance quotes.

Suspension Reinstatement Requirements

If your license has been suspended it is legal in all 50 states so that you can’t go to another state and get your license back until you pay for the crime you committed in the state where you live. If it were possible to get your license back in another state you would have people leaving one state when they get into trouble just to go across the border and become a licensed driver again.

In the state of Colorado when you are able to get your driver’s license reinstated you will have to pay a $95 fine just to get started. You will also have to pay whatever other fines you owe like unpaid parking tickets or back child support. The letter that you got from the DMV has the date when you are eligible to have your driver’s license reinstated so you should not try before that date.  When you reach that date you need to find a certified SR22 insurance provider and get Colorado SR22 insurance quotes so that you can find the best deal for the SR22 insurance.

Failure to Show Proof of Insurance

If you have been ordered to carry SR22 insurance and you can’t show proof of insurance during a routine traffic stop then the officer will suspend your driver’s license. You will then have 7 days to request a heating where you will show a judge proof that you had insurance at the time of the traffic stop.

If you are unable to show proof then your license will remain suspended and you will be required to carry SR22 insurance because of lack of insurance. Once you have SR22 insurance you must maintain coverage and make all your payments on time. If for any reason the insurance lapses say because you fail to pay your premium then the insurance will lapse. When it does the insurance company will notify the DMV and your driver’s license will be suspended again and your term to carry the SR22 insurance will start all over even if you are on the third year of a three year sentence.

Repeat Offenders - If you are a repeat offender in the state of Colorado meaning that you have been convicted of the same time at least three times in a five year period then you will have to face tougher punishments. For a repeat offender they will begin to face jail time after the second offense and the more you are caught the longer the jail time will be. You will also have to have an ignition inter-lock device placed on your car so that you can be closely monitored.
If you are required to carry SR22 insurance and you do not own a car then you need to get Colorado SR22 insurance quotes for a non-owner policy. This is for someone to still be able to drive while their license has been suspended even though they don’t have a car of their own at that present time. They can drive other cars with a non-owner SR22  insurance policy but the cars that they drive the most often has to be listed on the policy and they have to carry the letter from the DMV stating that they have SR22  insurance not matter which vehicle they are driving.

When a driver gets behind a wheel of a car and starts down the road they are taking their lives and the lives of everyone they meet in their hands. When that driver is under the influence of something there is more risk and then if they have no insurance they are putting more people at risk than they realize. Getting in trouble and made to pay the price for their actions should be a blessing to them but they think people are out to get them.

By getting Colorado SR22 insurance quotes and taking responsibility for your actions means that in the future you may be able to get regular coverage in the future. So start here by clicking the link at the bottom of the page and fill out the form to get your Colorado SR22 insurance quotes.

SR22 Insurance Quotes

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