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Connecticut SR22 insurance quotes are needed when you’re looking for SR22 insurance because you have to get it since you want to get your driver’s license back after losing it due to too many traffic violations in a short period of time, not paying child support, having unpaid traffic tickets, failure to have proper insurance or having been caught driving without a driver’s license or driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

When you have had too many violations and lost enough points off of your driver’s license you will get a letter from the Department of Motor Vehicles telling you about the suspension. You can request a hearing if you think the judgment is an error. At the hearing a judge will hear both sides of the case and make a ruling. If you are found guilty you will either be fined and/or have to carry SR22 insurance. You can get Connecticut SR22 insurance quotes by clicking the link at the bottom of the page and filling out the form.

The Purpose of IID’s (Ignition Interlock Device) - If you have been caught with more than 2 counts of DUI or have been found guilty of vehicular homicide or been the cause of an accident where there was serious damage you will go to court and you will most likely be ordered to have an ignition inter-lock device. This type of device is placed on a car to monitor the driver’s driving habits. Before the ignition can be started the ignition device will test the driver’s blood alcohol level before they will be allowed to start the engine.

If the driver fails the test, the ignition will be locked and the car will not start. An IID will need to be placed on every car that the driver owns. If you have been ordered to have an IID you can call one of the places that is certifies in installing them on your car. You will need to have the IID for the entire time that you have been sentenced to and you will have to carry SR22 insurance when you have served your time. You can get your Connecticut SR22 insurance quotes by clicking the link at the bottom of the page and answering a few questions.

Out of State Coverage - If you have been sentenced to carry SR22 insurance and you move to another state, you have to fulfill your SR22 requirements. It is illegal to go to another state and not tell them you have been sentenced to carry SR22 insurance and get a driver’s license in that state. In the long run it will catch up with you and you will lose your driver’s license for the rest of your life It is best when you go to the new state that you get Connecticut SR22 insurance quotes when moving to Connecticut so that you can get the best rate and get the new policy in place so that you can fulfill the rest of your term.

The new insurance company will tell the new DMV that you are insured. Make sure that you get the new insurance before the other insurance is cancelled or lapses because if this happened you will lose your driver’s license. The old insurance company will tell the DMV that you no longer have insurance and your license will be suspended again.

The cost of adding SR22 coverage to an existing insurance policy is about twenty five dollars. Be prepared though adding  it is not that expensive but it can cause your insurance to go up depending on why you were sentenced to have the SR22  insurance to start with. To know more about how much SR22 insurance will cost when you live in or move to Connecticut you will need to get Connecticut SR22 insurance quotes. You can do that by clicking the link at the bottom of the page and filling out the form. You will be contacted by an agent certified by the state of Connecticut to issue SR22 policies. They will answer any questions you may have and get you covered so that you can get back on the road legally. They  will also sent a SR22  form to the DMV showing them that you have insurance and you will then get a letter that you will keep in your car the whole time you are ordered to carry the insurance.

If you do not have a car you still have to get non-owner SR22 insurance that will cover whatever cars you drive. If you have a court ordered suspension they you may need to go to court to get the suspension lifted and pay whatever fines you need to. If you have unpaid tickets or back child support they will also need to be paid before you can get your license back. If you do not have a court order or you have no fines to pay you can have your license reinstated on the internet. No matter what your case is you have to start here and get your Connecticut SR22 insurance quotes.

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