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Florida SR22 insurance quotes can be obtained by clicking the link at the bottom of this page and filling out the form. You will get a Florida certified insurance agents contact you that can answer any questions you may have about the requirements and maintaining SR22  insurance in the state of Florida.

If you have gotten a letter from the Florida DMV that your driver’s license is being suspended you will need to get Florida SR22 insurance quotes so that when your license back you can be a legal driver again.

The Point System

If you live in the state of Florida you can lose your driver’s license for a number of reasons. The most common one is the point system. This is a system that the state has in place so when you get caught breaking the law, you lose points off your driver’s license. When you have lost twelve points then you will be required to carry SR22 insurance for twelve months and the more you get into trouble the longer the sentences are for example 18 points is 18 months and 24 points is 36 months. So, the more trouble you stay in the more you have to have SR22 insurance.

The point system is not the only reason you may looking for Florida SR22 insurance quotes if you have not paid child support, if you can’t operate a motor vehicle safely, or if you have been found guilty of vehicular homicide.

What If the Insurance Lapses?

If you live in Florida and you have been ordered by a judge to carry SR22  insurance for three years or whatever the time frame in your case, then you have to make sure it does not lapse. If you are changing insurance companies to moving to another state you have to be careful to always have SR22 insurance coverage. If you miss a payment and your insurance lapses the insurance company will notify the DMV that you no longer have insurance and your driver’s license will be suspended until you get the coverage back. No matter how long it takes to get the insurance reinstated you will still have to start your term over.

So, if you have SR22 insurance for 2 years of a 3 year term you have to start all over from day one. If you are moving or changing insurance companies make sure that you have enough time for everything to go through before you premium is due or it could lapse. A safe time period is 45 days. If you can have everything done before it is 45 days of your due date you should be fine. You can get Florida SR22 insurance quotes by clicking the link at the bottom of the page and answering a few questions. It will only take a few minutes.

In Florida, there are several reasons that you can lose your driver’s license and everyone has a different set of rules that you have to follow to get your driver’s license back. Going to your hearing or contacting your DMV or the court that sentenced you in the first place. Depending on your case you may have to pay fines or spend time in jail before you can get your license back.
Getting Florida SR22 insurance quotes is the easy part; the hard part is keeping it and obeying the law while you have it so you don’t have to carry it longer. It is no doubt that SR22 insurance is more expensive than regular coverage. This is so the insurance company can get some of the money back that it has to pay out for reckless drivers. You also need to ask the insurance agent you speak with if they will cover you after you have completed the SR22 sentence. You are now a riskier driver than most of the other drivers and some insurance companies may not insure you. If you find one that will you may be able to get a cheaper SR22 rate if you agree to stay with the insurance company.

Florida is one state out of 50. If you lose your license in Florida, you will not be able to get it back anywhere until you have met all of your requirements. You have to start somewhere so start here and get your Florida SR22 insurance quotes so that when you have done your time you can be a legal driver again. It is simple and only takes a few minutes to get your quotes. Answer a few questions so that our Florida insurance agents know a little about your case and how long you are required to carry SR22  insurance and what was the law you broke that brought you looking for Florida SR22 insurance quotes.

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