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Illinois SR22 insurance quotes are needed for individuals who have had some trouble with the law in regards to their operation of their motor vehicle.  SR22 insurance is really not a typical auto insurance coverage plan, but a document that a court of law will require some individuals to obtain when they have had their licenses revoked or suspended, driven under the influence, been cited for operating a vehicle without any insurance or for having too many tickets issued in a relatively short time frame.    

Without an SR22 sent to your local Illinois Department of Motor Vehicles from an insurance company, you will not get your license reinstated and have driving privileges.  An SR22 document will show the courts that you have taken out insurance coverage and therefore are protected financially when you drive.  

Illinois SR22 insurance quotes will help any driver to compare the insurance companies that offer this insurance and help to keep the costs as low as possible.  However, individuals need to be informed that their insurance costs will be high, as they have been considered to be a high risk driver.

Different Types of SR22 Insurance - A SR22 certificate is available in three different types

1.Operator’s – If a driver does not own the vehicle attached to the ticketed offense, this         
type of certificate is issued.  
2.Owner’s -   This certificate of insurance is issued to the owner of the vehicle.  
3.Both - This final one covers all vehicles that are owned and operated by the driver.

In the state of Illinois, there are minimum coverage requirements. To review all of these requirements get Illinois SR22 insurance quotes online.   For the coverage of one person who may be injured or killed, you must purchase at least $20,000, and this is doubled to $40,000 to cover two people being injured or killed.  There is an additional requirement to purchase a certificate that will cover at least $15,000 in property damage.  

Details -
The state of Illinois requires each driver who has to obtain an SR22 certificate of coverage to maintain that coverage for at least three years.  Because this is a long period of time, you really should get Illinois SR22 insurance quotes online to give yourself the chance to pay the lowest rates that you can get while maintaining the minimum coverage limits listed above.  
There are additional details that each policy must have in place.  

First, do not let your SR22 coverage lapse, instead be sure to renew at least one month prior to the renewal period.  Why is this important?  To maintain your coverage and be recognized as a legal driver in the state of Illinois, you have to file the certificate with the Illinois state attorney general’s office.  To make sure that the certificate of renewal gets filed in a timely manner, you need to allow as much time as possible.  Once the certificate is filed, then you will get the certificate of coverage in the mail along with a letter from the state’s attorney general’s office.  

Average Cost of SR22 Insurance

This is not an easy question to answer.  Because you have been notified that you must have a SR22 certificate of coverage, you already have been shown to be a hazardous driver, for whatever the reason.  This alone puts you into the high risk insurance category, which means you are a greater risk than others to insure.  This is a main reason to get as many Illinois SR22 insurance quotes online as you can.  Compare all of the offers, which may not be too many, due to the high risk nature.  However, compare them all and choose the one that matches up with your budget.  

There are other factors that an insurance company may also take into consideration; one of the most important may be whether you have had numerous tickets and/or citations.  If so, you can expect to pay a higher rate than perhaps someone who has had only one offense.  Additional factors can be your age, the age of your car, the average miles you drive each day, etc.  Some insurance companies will also charge a fee to just file the insurance with the state in addition to the premium.  This fee can be as low as $15 and go up from there.  Take the time to review all of the insurance carriers who offer SR22 coverage by getting those Illinois SR22 insurance quotes.  

This insurance coverage is quite different from other types of insurance policies.  With SR22, you have to purchase this type of coverage if you want to regain your driving privileges.  Do the needed research, especially if the idea is overwhelming to you.  It is understandable that you are nervous about the offense that has occurred, but take the time to get Illinois SR22 insurance quotes so that you know how to move forward.

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