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Iowa SR22 insurance quotes are a very useful tool for those who have to purchase this type of coverage to satisfy court requirements.  SR22 insurance is required for individuals who have been charged and fined for any of several different offenses.  These offenses include, but are not limited to, driving without insurance and driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs.  Each state can be a little different in the terms and conditions of issuing SR22 coverage.  Make sure that you located the Iowa SR22 insurance quotes online so that you can review the different coverage options that may be available.

Iowa Terms

First, a very interesting point in the state of Iowa is that not all Iowans are required to carry auto insurance.  Drivers who are noted as being reckless in their vehicle operation and do not have the financial means to be able to make restitution to the courts or to a victim must carry coverage.  If you not do so, and you cause an accident with property or bodily injury and do not have the financial means to take care of your responsibilities, you will most likely have your license to drive suspended.  

SR22 coverage must be purchased by an individual who is at fault, if that individual wants driving privileges reinstated.  SR22 must be in place for at least two years. Proof of SR22 coverage must be sent to the Iowa Department of Transportation by the insurance company that issues the certificate.   In the SR22 coverage you take out, there are minimum standards that must be in place to satisfy the state of Iowa.  These standards are easily located by obtaining Iowa SR22 insurance quotes online, where you will be able to review all of the available companies that can provide you with a certificate of coverage.   

There are also two different types of SR22 insurance, non owners SR22 and owners SR22.  You do not have to own a car to have to take out SR22 insurance.  If you do something as goofy as operate your bike while intoxicated and are ticketed, you may have to get SR22 insurance.  If you allow someone else to driver your car and that person commits an offense, the fine can be levied at the car, which will then make it your responsibility as the owner.  

Do not let someone else drive your car, unless you know them to be a responsible and licensed driver.  Know what your rights and responsibilities are by getting information through Iowa SR22 insurance quotes.  Of course, you can call around or go in person to visit an agency, but that takes a lot of time and effort.   It is far simpler to fire up your computer and do this research online.  

Dropped or Lapsed Coverage

In Iowa, as well as in most other states, if you have SR22 coverage and drop it, or do not pay for it or renew it in a timely fashion, the insurance carrier is required to notify the appropriate authorities, usually the courts.  Make sure when you check into SR22 coverage through the Iowa SR22 insurance quotes, that you find out all of the information you will need to follow the insurer’s guidelines to the letter.  If the Department of Motor Vehicles is notified that you allowed your coverage to lapse, you will not be getting your license reinstated.  There can be other harsher penalties for letting your certificate of coverage drop.  Possible jail time is one of these penalties.  This is usually for individuals who have had more than one serious offense and who have previously shown, by their actions, not to be responsible with court mandates.  

Another possible outcome is that the court costs and fees may climb.  In addition, because the state law of Iowa allows the courts to impose a time period of up to three years, if the court required a shorter period, the court may require the individual to begin the entire three year period all over again or impose a six month to one year waiting period.  All of this means that there is a much longer time frame where the individual will not be legally allowed to drive.  

For many chronic offenders, this may not be a problem for them, as they will probably drive without a valid license.  However, for many others, this is not a risk that they want to take.  Make sure that when you obtain Iowa SR22 insurance quotes that you find out about each individual insurers renewal process, to head off potential problems in the future.  

To have your license reinstated, you must review every component of an SR22 insurance policy, no matter what insurance company issues the coverage.  To do so effectively, please get your information by having enough Iowa SR22 insurance quotes so that you are covered completely.

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