Kansas SR22 Insurance Quotes

Kansas SR22 insurance quotes will allow an individual to check out the requirements within the state of Kansas and to make sure that he or she is getting the coverage at reasonable cost.  SR insurance is required in most states for several different reasons.  In Kansas, if you are convicted of driving under the influence, you will be required to take out SR22 coverage.  

SR22 coverage is different than your traditional insurance coverage for automobiles.  Many times someone with a DUI does not have any kind of insurance coverage on their vehicle, thereby making it an extreme financial hardship on victims if there is an accident, injury or death.  SR22 is undertaken as a method of making the individual who is guilty financially responsible.  

Know Your Requirements

Kansas is a state where the coverage limits differ from other states.  In Kansas, you are required to maintain SR22 insurance for 12 continuous months, without a break in coverage.  If you have a break in your coverage for any reason, you will be required to start the entire 12 month cycle again.  For this reason, it is important to know when your payments are required by the insurance carrier, whether monthly, quarterly or in full for the year.  Look at Kansas SR22 insurance quotes to see what the requirements are for each insurance company that offers coverage for SR22 insurance.  

When you are looking for quotes, the process should always be free.  You should never be charged for obtaining quotes.  What should you really look for in a quote?  You really need to look at much more than just the price for the coverage.  Look at Kansas SR22 insurance quotes and review how much coverage is offered, how to pay for your premiums, whether the insurance company is responsible for notifying the Kansas Department of Motor Vehicles that coverage has been purchased or are you responsible for doing that and what the companies procedures are for letting a policy lapse.  One thing is sure - if you do not get this SR22 coverage you will not have your driver’s license reinstated.  

The minimum coverage amounts for the state of Kansas are higher than for other states.  At a minimum, your SR22 coverage must be able to handle at least a $25,000 payment if one person is injured, $50.000 for two or more and at least $15,000 in property damage reimbursement.  Anything less than these minimum coverage amounts will not keep you in compliance with the state laws.  Because not all insurance companies will cover you because you are now high risk, you need to get more information from Kansas SR22 insurance quotes online.  This should be your first step after being notified that you must purchase SR22 coverage.  

Additional Requirements

In addition to the requirement to maintain SR22 insurance for at least three years, the state of Kansas will also require you to install an IID on your vehicle.  The IID is an Ignition Interlock Device.  This will act as a breathalyzer on your vehicle and will measure blood alcohol content, and not let the car start up if you have been drinking.  Kansas laws take even first time offenders seriously, and anyone who blows a 0.15 on a standard breathalyzer test will be required to keep this device on their vehicles for at least two years and maintain SR22 insurance for at least 12 continuous months.  

In addition to the cost of maintaining SR22 insurance, the costs for the IID can be very expensive, at around $100 per month, which is also the responsibility of the individual to pay.  The costs of getting pulled over for a DUI and other offenses and not having insurance coverage can be financially crippling to most people.  That is another reason to look online at Kansas SR22 insurance quotes - to see if there are any cheaper rates both for SR22 and for the cost of the IID.  

Expectations Regarding Your SR22 Insurance

So what can you expect when you get Kansas SR22 insurance quotes online?  Well, you should get to choose several companies to obtain quotes from and be able to match them up to what your needs are.  As stated previously, just don’t focus on the price of SR22 insurance, but the overall policy and what each insurance company has to offer.  Doing this can take some time, but you don’t want to blindly choose a company that you may find out later is not the best one for your needs.  

Getting those quotes can be a real financial help to many individuals.  Kansas SR22 insurance quotes are available online by doing very little research.  Make sure the site is user friendly that and there is a mechanism where you can submit any questions you may still have after you have received your quotes.

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