Kentucky SR22 Insurance Quotes

Kentucky SR22 insurance quotes will allow an individual to first, find out that the state of Kentucky does not require SR22 insurance in the event of an alcohol related offense or in the event of driving without a license.  However, there are some things you should know, if you live in another state and will be traveling through the state of Kentucky.  Let us begin with the knowledge of what SR22 insurance is and when it is usually required.  

SR22 coverage is different than your traditional insurance coverage for automobiles.  When an individual is ticketed for any type of alcohol related offense and they have been driving without proper insurance, the court system can require them to obtain SR 22 insurance.  Kentucky SR22 insurance quotes will let you know that you have to have this required insurance, if you are currently residing in another state, have been required to hold SR22 insurance in that home state and have two things occur; you are traveling through the state of Kentucky or you are relocating to this state.  You will have to maintain your coverage through your original state of residence where the court ordered the coverage.  This is why looking at the information under Kentucky SR22 insurance quotes can assist you with the details you will need prior to a move to this state.  

Other Measures

Although the state of Kentucky does not order an individual to obtain and maintain SR22 insurance, they have other measures that can be taken when an individual drives without proper insurance, while under the influence.  There is a device called an Ignition Interlock Device or IID, for short.  The IID allows the state to place a device on your vehicle’s ignition that will not allow the car to start if you are under the influence.  The device will measure any indication of alcohol and refuse to turn over.  In addition, if you think that a friend can blow into the device and get your car started and you take over the driving, at periodic times the device will ask for you to blow into it again and you must pull over and do so, or the car will stop.  You can learn a bit more about the IID by obtaining Kentucky SR22 insurance quotes.  More information is listed here.  

Additional Requirements

Even though Kentucky does not require the coverage of SR22 insurance, it does require that all drivers maintain a minimum standard of liability insurance that will meet the financial responsibility that all individuals residing in the state have, in regards to being responsible while operating a motor vehicle.  The limits are as follows;

   1.You must maintain at least $25,000 minimum for coverage in the event that you get into an accident and the other individual(s) sustains any injuries.  

   2.You must maintain at least $50,000 minimum per accident for injuries.  

   3.And finally you have to obtain at least $10,000 minimum for property damage resulting from your actions while operating your vehicle.  

You can locate more information about these mandatory coverage requirements by researching Kentucky SR22 insurance quotes.  

Subject to the Courts

One of the most important facts to know prior to residing in the state of Kentucky or relocating there, is that if you get your license suspended for several different reasons, although the state does not automatically require SR22 insurance coverage, the courts can most certainly order it on an individual basis.  If the courts believe that you will not obtain the necessary minimum liability insurance coverage, it can require you to obtain this coverage.  Look online at Kentucky SR22 insurance quotes and you will notice that this insurance coverage can be and is quite expensive.  

Coverage usually has to be maintained for a minimum of three years and therefore you will need to have the ability to review several different companies that can cover individuals who reside in the state of Kentucky.  Reviewing all these details online can save you a great deal of money and time.  Looking online for your information through Kentucky SR22 insurance quotes can really cut down on the time it will take to obtain quotes and get the needed details about each company.  
In addition to requiring SR22 insurance for some individuals who have received license suspensions, many times the state of Kentucky will also require that the individual retakes a driver’s education course and retake their drivers licensing examination all over again.  This expense is, of course, yours.  This adds to the cost of your offense.  

Bottom Line

The bottom line is that although the state of Kentucky does not require SR22 insurance, it can certainly order an individual to obtain and maintain this coverage on a case to case basis.  When you are driving in the state of Kentucky, be aware that when you took your driver’s test, you gave an implied consent to the state to test your blood alcohol content, any time it feels the need.

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