Louisiana SR22 Insurance Quotes

Louisiana SR22 insurance quotes allow Louisiana residents to actively participate in obtaining the best price and coverage possible when they are required by a court of law to purchase and maintain this coverage.  SR22 insurance coverage is used in this state to identify unsafe drivers such as those who have driven high or drunk and those who are ticketed for driving without any insurance coverage.  

SR22 insurance coverage is a way to prove that drivers are keeping up with their automobile coverage as well.  SR22 is proof of the driver having financial responsibility in the event of an accident.  

State Procedures

Imagine you have committed an offense for which you can be assessed by a court of law and ordered to purchase and maintain a certificate of financial responsibility.  The next step is to find out how to get this coverage.  Louisiana SR22 insurance quotes will help walk you through the process.  However, we can outline the steps in this article for you.

  • The first step is to request the insurance, but it has to be issued by an insurance company that is approved by the state of Louisiana.
  • A processing fee must be paid to the applicable insurance company chosen by the individual.  However, the range for these fees can vary greatly, so this is yet another reason to shop around and get Louisiana SR22 insurance quotes so that you are not paying a lot more for this fee than you should be paying.
  • Louisiana’s minimum coverage must be purchased and in this state it is somewhat lower than the average rates across the country.  For your SR22 insurance in Louisiana, you must have coverage that will pay out at least $10,000 in the event of one individual being injured or killed in an accident caused by your negligence.  For two people, the amount goes up to $20,000, and you must also carry $10,000 for property damage.
  • When the request for SR22 insurance coverage is received by the insurance company, that company’s main office must issue the certificate of coverage and make sure that it gets to the state’s Public Safety Department to be registered.
  • Once the Public Safety Department has received and registered it, then the certificate will be sent to the individual along with an official letter from that department.
  • Unlike many states, as long as the individual keeps the coverage going without any lapses whatsoever, then the individual maintains a driver’s license and thus his or her driving privileges remain intact.  If the coverage lapse for any reason or the individual cancels the coverage, a notice is sent to the motor vehicle department and that person’s license will be suspended.  In addition, to get the driver’s license reinstated, the individual may have to start the three year process all over again.
  • If an individual moves to the state of Louisiana and he or she currently has coverage in another state, Louisiana will accept that coverage if it meets certain conditions.  This makes getting Louisiana SR22 insurance quotes very helpful.

High Risk

You should plan on paying quite a bit for this type of insurance certificate.  This is a very serious issue and should never be taken lightly.  Rates for SR22 insurance can vary greatly, as do coverage limits and restrictions.  Getting all of your information online through Louisiana SR22 insurance quotes can greatly assist you with learning about various state approved insurance carriers and their similarities and differences.  

It will probably come as no surprise that you will now fall into a high risk category for insurance coverage.  Even if this is your first offense, you will have to pay up and follow all the regulations to clean up your record.  Many times, individuals are repeat offenders, and thus will have such high costs for insurance coverage that they may not be able to operate a motor vehicle any longer.  This will greatly impact one’s life.  Take this opportunity to find out everything you can about your offense.  Determine whether your record will be clean after following through with this insurance. Getting this information can be as easy as looking at Louisiana SR22 insurance quotes online.  

Do not become confused regarding SR22 insurance.  This is required in addition to regular auto insurance coverage.  This can be very difficult for many individuals to afford; however, it is the outcome of allowing oneself to become an offender.  This is a form of punishment and must be in place for all individuals.  If you commit one of the qualifying offenses, rest assured that you will be required to take out this coverage.  Learning more about it perhaps can keep an individual from committing the offense in the first place. When you learn about Louisiana SR22 insurance quotes, you will have a better understanding of all of the expenses involved.


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