Maine SR22 Insurance Quotes

Maine SR22 insurance quotes will help you get the correct level of insurance coverage if you have lost your driver’s license and must get a certificate of financial responsibility before having your license reinstated.  The state of Maine takes driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs very seriously, and if you are ticketed and convicted in court, you will lose your license for at least 90 days if this is your first offense.  The length gets much longer if you choose to commit the same act again.  For the second time, the suspension will last for three years, and for four or more offenses the time of suspension is six years.  This is a long time not to be able to drive legally.

With all that said, how do Maine drivers get their licenses reinstated?  You will need to pay the appropriate reinstatement fees to the Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles Department.  Then you will have to purchase SR22 insurance coverage, and you may need to have an IID placed on your car.  This device is usually reserved for those who are repeat offenders, but can be ordered by a judge for someone who has had their first operating under the influence conviction.  All of this information can be obtained through Maine SR22 insurance quotes.  

Quote Information Needed

There are several things you will need to know before you go online to get Maine SR22 insurance quotes.  First, you will need to know who is an approved insurance carrier that can issue a SR22 certificate.  Only then will you be able to review each insurance company that is approved by the state.  Your age, offense and other factors may play a part in what your cost will be.  You will most certainly be paying a good deal of money to obtain this required coverage.  
Make sure that you are not just looking for the cheapest cost, but the best coverage as well.  

If the coverage limits are not what they are required to be, the cost will not matter because the certificate will not be accepted by the state. This information is included in the online Maine SR22 insurance quotes.  When filling out the online form for your quotes, be prepared that the price you are quoted may or may not be the final price.  If you leave information out of your online form that is vital to getting the correct quote, then you will have to supply that information to the insurance company before you can proceed.  

As mentioned previously, you may be also required to pay to install and maintain an IID.  This is a breathalyzer for your car, and it is attached to the ignition.  The driver will need to blow into the device and if there is no alcohol, then the device will allow the car to start.  Many times, an individual will be required to not only carry SR22 insurance but will be required to have an IID as well.  This can really add to the cost of your certificate of coverage.  Rates for the IID can be as high as $100 per month.  Find out all the needed information about the costs by getting online and looking for Maine SR22 insurance quotes.  

Additional Penalties

The state of Maine does not mess around with those who do not follow through with their SR22 requirements.  Maine requires that the SR22 certificate of coverage be maintained for at least three years.  If an individual does not make their payments and that insurance is either cancelled by the insurance company or the individual cancels it, the state will receive notice that this has occurred.  Penalties for allowing the cancellation or initiating the cancellation can result in the person losing both their drivers license and the registration for their automobile for life.  

Make sure you learn all about the penalties and consequences when you are reviewing your Maine SR22 insurance quotes.  This is the only way to prevent surprises.  This is serious and must be taken as such.  Making sure that you are in compliance will be the only way to make sure you are able to drive legally.  If you choose to drive without a valid license, you risk incurring even more severe penalties.  

If you are required to obtain this insurance coverage, make sure that you do so.  Getting the right information is the first step, especially if you have not heard about SR22 insurance previously.  Go online and look for Maine SR22 insurance quotes to get the most reliable information.  You do not want to pay a lot more money than you have to, but you want the best coverage possible.  Make sure your coverage meets the minimum limits for the state of Maine.  

SR22 insurance is just one of the vital components of making sure you have your license reinstated.

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