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Maryland SR22 insurance quotes are a necessity as Maryland differs somewhat from other states in their requirements for SR22insurance.  The state of Maryland requires that anyone who is convicted of an offense with alcohol involved obtain SR22 insurance. What is this insurance?  SR22 is a certificate that the individual must purchase from a reliable and state approved insurance company.  This certificate proves that the individual has financial coverage in the event he or she causes an accident.  

While every state that mandates SR22 coverage has its minimum limits for coverage, the state of Maryland requires minimum requirements that are much higher than many other states.  Minimum coverage for injury to one person is $30,000 and it doubles to $60,000 if two or more individuals are injured or killed.  The minimum levels usually run $20,000 and $40,000 respectively in other states.  In addition to coverage for people injured or killed, there is a minimum of $15,000 to be carried for damage to property.  To further review details of various insurance companies, it is important to get that information through Maryland SR22 insurance quotes.

In addition to the requirement to maintain SR22 insurance, many states, including Maryland, can require the individual to install and use a device called an ignition interlock device.  This device will not allow the individual’s car to start if they individual doesn’t blow into the tube and prove that there is no alcohol registering in his or her breath.  After it is all clear, the car will start.  However, be prepared, because at intervals, the device will require that you breathe into it again.  If you are operating the vehicle when this is requested, you will need to pull off the road to conduct the testing.  This is usually required by the state of Maryland when your driver’s license has been suspended or revoked.  Getting some information through Maryland SR22 insurance quotes may reveal more about this process.  

Fees - There are, of course, added fees that must be paid for both SR22 insurance and the IID, which the convicted individual will be responsible to pay.  For the IID, the device can cost upwards of $200 just to have installed, depending upon the type of vehicle the individual operates.  In addition to the installation fee, there is a monthly fee that can be as high as $100, and having the device removed can also cost money.  

For SR22 insurance, the first fee is the filing fee with the insurance company, who will then send the certificate of financial responsibility to the state of Maryland.  This fee is usually sent to the Department of Motor Vehicles or can be sent to the Public Safety Department, and can be different depending upon your individual state’s requirements.  Check out Maryland SR22 insurance quotes to find out fees for each insurance company.  

Of course, there will be monthly, quarterly or yearly premiums for the SR22 insurance certificate.  How you pay is up to each individual company.  This information also is included in Maryland SR22 insurance quotes.  If you let your insurance drop for any reason, some companies can charge a reinstatement fee.  

Because you will now be classified as a high risk driver, the fees and costs will be much higher.  This can make a difference in your paycheck.  Learn about those fees as early as possible.   

Saving Money

If you are required by a court of law to maintain SR22 insurance, you will usually have to keep it current for at least three years.  Maryland SR22 insurance quotes will help you understand ways to save some money during that three year period, as SR22 insurance is usually very costly.  Some insurance companies will offer you the opportunity to set up your payments to come out of your checking or savings account automatically.  This is usually a great savings to the individual.  In addition to the automatic payment, you can arrange with some companies to pay for your premium for a year in advance.  Many individuals prefer to do this so that they don’t have to worry about missing a payment.  

What happens if you miss a payment and your SR22 insurance coverage drops?  You more than likely will incur more fees and penalties.  In addition, you may have to begin the three year time period all over again.  It is purely up to individual states to decide whether you have to begin at the beginning again.    

The Bottom Line

You will be notified by court if you have to obtain SR22 insurance coverage.  If you do, do not hesitate to conduct some research by getting Maryland SR22 insurance quotes online.  This is the best way to find out how to save some money and what the requirements will be and how each approved insurance carrier stacks up with one another. Find out all the details before making your purchase.

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