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Massachusetts SR22 insurance quotes can be very costly for many individuals to secure.  However, it is necessary to purchase if you have been convicted of driving a motor vehicle while under that influence of alcohol and/or drugs.  Some insurance companies in the state of Massachusetts are extremely high in cost, and there are even a few that will not file your SR22 certificate.  Why is this filing important?  If your certificate is not on file with the state of Massachusetts, then you are probably not going to be able to continue to operate your vehicle.  

The length of time that an individual must carry SR22 is at least three years.  

During those three years, you will need to be able to at least get to work and back, so it is very important to have your certificate recorded with the Massachusetts DMV.  This is just one of the reasons to review Massachusetts SR22 insurance quotes online to make sure the company you choose is able to file the certificate on your behalf.  

Make sure when you conduct your review of Massachusetts SR22 insurance quotes that you are able to look for and get quotes that do not cost you a penny.  This service should be free from any insurance company.  If they try to charge you for a quote, close out and find someone else.

Minimum Requirements

You must obtain the minimum coverage allowed under the law of the state of Massachusetts.  Every state can have a minimum that is slightly different and you need to know what those coverage minimums are so that you do not purchase a policy and then find out later that your coverage does not meet the state’s requirements.  Usually, most SR22 coverage will have three different components.  There must be coverage for bodily injury to an individual of $20,000 per individual, and your coverage must be at least $40,000 if there are two or more individuals injured.  In addition to these two requirements, you must carry at least $5,000 for property damage.  Say you are driving and cause an accident with another driver, and their car or yours goes into a fence and takes out a portion of it.  You will need that coverage to replace the homeowner’s fence.  

In the state of Massachusetts, they take driving under the influence very seriously.  If you are convicted of this crime, you will lose your license for up to one year for your first offense, going up to 10 years if it is your fourth offense.  The citations will cause your insurance coverage to skyrocket, if you can find coverage at all.  The fee for license reinstatement is $500 the first time you commit a DUI.  So, on top of these penalties and fees, the cost of carrying the required SR22 insurance can really make a huge impact on your finances.  

Looking at Massachusetts SR22 insurance quotes by searching the internet can save you a lot of headaches, when comparing the various approved insurance companies.  The cost for this insurance can really differ from one company to another, so getting as many quotes as possible will be your wisest choice.  

Two Types - There are two different types of SR22 insurance.  The first one is for an individual who is the driver of the vehicle at the time of the offense.  This is for the driver, not necessarily for the vehicle, unless the individual is driving his or her own car.  The second SR22 insurance is for non drivers.  This type of insurance is issued when an individual lets a friend drive his or her vehicle and that friend is cited for driving under the influence.  While some individuals will state it is not fair that they are required to obtain this expensive insurance coverage just for letting their friend use their car, they need to be more responsible in loaning out their car.  

Make sure you research both types, by getting the needed information through Massachusetts SR22 insurance quotes.  It is important to know about this SR22 insurance coverage, perhaps prior to ever having to carry it yourself, so you will be informed of all the facts.

There is no doubt that individuals are stressed when committing such an offense and going through all the court requirements that come after the ticket.  Being able to identify the insurance companies that offer lower costs by Massachusetts SR22 insurance quotes is vital, to understand how each insurance carrier operates and what the costs will be.  Also, as mentioned previously, make sure that your SR22 insurance certificate will be filed with the state of Massachusetts so that your coverage meets the requirements of the court.  This is so important; make sure that all of your points are covered and there are no issues with any lapses in coverage.

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