Montana SR22 Insurance Quotes

Montana SR22 insurance quotes are a requirement and are really easy to come by with a little bit of online searching!  Unfortunately there are many individuals out there who will require an SR22 filing prior to getting their license reinstated and their insurance policies back on track.  Something simple can lead to a revoked license; however, it’s usually something slightly more serious that gets individuals in trouble!

Montana SR22 insurance may be pricy depending on the severity of your personal issue but regardless it will be required in order to get your license back.  Every driver is required to provide up-to-date insurance coverage before stepping foot into the driver’s seat of a car, the same holds true for a valid license.

Here are a few steps that you will need to file an SR22 form before getting your license reinstated:

  • If you have ever been caught driving under the influence then this is possibly how your license got revoked in the first place.  In the state of Montana anyone caught with a DUI is sure to lose their license for at least six months!  It seems like a high price to pay but certainly reasonable!  Getting caught while under the influence is certainly going to cost you more than just losing your license.  Montana SR22 insurance quotes are going to require individuals to purchase SR22 insurance as well as pay a reinstatement fee!  As if that wasn’t bad enough individuals will be required to complete an alcohol treatment program and a few other possibilities that may consist of an ignition interlock device or retaking their driver’s exam!  It may seem harsh but a simple fix for getting behind the wheel while drunk and saving a ton of money in fees and possible jail time!
  • With Montana SR22 insurance quotes this shows the state that you are on the right track and are fully insured and financially responsible.  An SR22 is required for no less than three years and if your insurance lapses for any length of time it will be required to report you to the MVD.  This will certainly come with some grave consequences and more than likely you will lose your license and driving rights.
  • Again, Montana SR22 insurance quotes will more than likely be costly to the individual as you will be considered “high risk” when it comes to being insured!  The goal is to find individuals lower cost insurance that can keep you legal for a little less!  There are other fees that may accompany the policy but there is a sense of freedom that comes with knowing you are able to drive legally again!
  • In order to prevent further occurrences you may be required, or just choose to install, an ignition interlock system.  This is a breath alcohol device that attaches to your car’s ignition.  In order for the individual to even start the car up it will be required to take a breathalyzer test!  It is a quick process but can save money and, more importantly, lives!  It may require a rolling retest on occasion which means that you will be required to take the test again while maneuvering, pulling over is the much better and safer option!  In order to bypass this system your blood alcohol level had to have been 0.16 or higher.  Just know that Montana SR22 insurance quotes may require this prior to getting your license back.

Installing and maintaining an ignition interlock device is certainly not cheap.  Depending on the vendor that installs it, it could cost the convicted offender around $85 to install and a daily fee of around $2.50 thereafter!  It can certainly become pricy to stay on the road!  Vendors will more than likely also ask for a deposit at the time of install and there are removal fees and calibration fees so staying off the road when drinking is the cheapest and safest route!

Heavy fees, inability to drive and have freedom all come from goofy mistakes but obtaining Montana SR22 insurance quotes is the first step to getting back on track.  It certainly doesn’t come cheap and the fees can be high but it is a requirement to be insurance and have a valid license in order to drive legitimately on the roadways!  Make sure you know everything you need to know about SR22 insurance.  

If you are unsure of the steps that you need to take, contact your local motor vehicle department and ask necessary questions.  You will not have your license reinstated or your policy updated unless you take the necessary steps needed to file your SR22.  It is a requirement for a lengthy period of time so make sure that you are keeping up with it every year until it no longer becomes necessary.


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