Nebraska SR22 Insurance Quotes

Nebraska SR22 insurance quotes are easy to come by and often just refer to the type of form that is required to get your license or your insurance policy reinstated.  If you have been caught with a DUI then the state of Nebraska is going to require SR22 insurance in order to get back on the road quickly and legally!

Regardless of whether you own the car or not you will still be required to submit the SR22 and you must have at least liability insurance in order to be considered for reinstatement.  Nebraska SR22 insurance quotes are readily available but you must take a few necessary steps in order to get started.  Here is a list of things you should know prior to filling out an SR22:

  • Your SR22 may also be referred to as “proof of financial responsibility” but regardless of the name it is still the same thing!  Nebraska SR22 insurance quotes are going to require some fees to be paid in order to file the form and get your license and policy reinstated.  It is important that you know what this entails so that you can get the process started and completed as quickly as possible.  You must supply the form either personally or via mail as a photocopy or faxed copy will not be accepted under any circumstances.
  • As if “going the distance” wasn’t enough you will also need to pay a $125.00 reinstatement fee to get your license reinstated.  This is above and beyond any other fees that will be required to get you back on the roadways.  The state of Nebraska only accepts cashier’s checks or money orders, no personal checks accepted, that are payable to Nebraska’s Department of Motor Vehicles.  Credit is accepted also and you can pay online but there is an additional charge if paying by credit card, however, compared to the rest of the fees, it is pretty small in comparison!
  • You may also be required to retake your driver’s test.  Installation of the ignition interlock device may also be required in any car that you will be driving and your state.  This is a small device that connects to the ignition of the car that will require individuals to take a breathalyzer prior to starting the ignition.  The car will not turn on if the individuals do not pass the test!  There is a preset limit so determining if you have had too much to drink is fairly easy.
  • The cost to install an IID is the responsibility of the driver and there are installation fees that can get pricy as well as fees that are accumulated every day the IID is installed on the vehicle.  The IID is a requirement for the length of time that you are a member of the program.  If you have a court-ordered IID then individuals can only drive to and from employment, to school, programs that relate to drug and alcohol treatment as well as ignition interlock service appointments.  Individuals will be paying financially as well as with their freedom!
  • Nebraska SR22 insurance quotes certainly do not come without a hefty price tag.  It will cost you more in the long-run to hold an SR22 policy than it would for any other individual not caught with a DUI.  Those individuals are a higher risk on the highways and byways so it costs more to be insured.  What you should keep in mind is that insurance is not an option so regardless of how pricy it is, you are still required to carry at least a minimum liability policy.  However, remember that there are many sites devoted to helping those obtain Nebraska SR22 insurance quotes online and they will outline all of the policies and the prices to help you find the lowest cost policy to fit your needs and keep you legal for less!

Getting Nebraska SR22 Insurance Quotes Is Quick & Easy

It is the driver’s responsibility to keep up with their SR22 filings every year and most states require a one to three year commitment for SR22’s.  Every year there will be another fee incurred but freedom and safety on the highway is something that everyone wants.  Any lapse in policy could mean having your license revoked for a longer period of time or even indefinitely.  Making sure that you stay on top of things and file promptly and following Nebraska laws and guidelines will ensure that you get back on the road and gain some much needed freedom after a bad situation!  

Remember that not drinking and driving not only saves others lives but it will save yours as well.  The fees are small when compared to saving a life so never get behind the wheel drunk and make sure that you keep others from doing it as well.


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