South Dakota SR22 Insurance Quotes

South Dakota SR22 insurance quotes are the first step you can take towards getting back your state issued driver’s license and your driving privileges. You are already facing fines, fees and other penalties relating to the reinstatement of your driver’s license, so it can feel overwhelming to think about higher rates for high risk insurance. Getting quotes so you can compare insurance carriers, policy coverage and premium rates will help you feel a little less stressed about the process.

Keep in mind, though, that regulations vary from South Dakota to other states. So, it is important to base your quotes on the needs of your individual case and state. If you will be moving to another state before the required time of your SR22 insurance expires, you will want to find out how this impacts your insurance. That means checking with both the Department of Motor Vehicles for South Dakota and whichever state you are relocating to. Make sure that you do not allow your policy to lapse, though, or you will be at risk of having your driver’s license suspended or revoked, again.

South Dakota SR22 Insurance Quotes for You

The reason a driver is required to obtain an SR22 policy is that he or she has been declared a high risk driver within the state of South Dakota. This could be for one of many reasons. Drunk driving infractions are the most common, though there are plenty of other reasons one may be considered a high risk driver. In fact, driving without an insurance policy in the first place can be the cause of you needing to get SR22 car insurance.

If you have had problems with excessive tickets within a short amount of time, you may be deemed a high risk vehicle operator. This includes problems with high speeds or reckless driving or reckless endangerment infractions. Whatever the reason, if you have been declared a high risk and need SR22 South Dakota SR22 insurance quotes will help you get back on track.

Understand the SR22 Process

SR22 is not actually the insurance, it is the documentation filled out by the carrier and issued to the state of South Dakota’s DMV. This form is completed by your insurance carrier and sent to the South Dakota state Department of Motor Vehicles. From there, once the application is accepted, you will get your license reinstated and be able to legally drive again. So, SR22 insurance is just the name used for this type of insurance that covers those motorists considered high risk.

Requirements can vary a bit from state to state and be different based upon your individual case or situation. The laws, rules, regulations and guidelines can change in relation to SR22 so it is a good idea to make sure you are informed during the time that you are required to have it. The time you must keep SR22 insurance can vary, too, but is generally at least a three year minimum. During this time, you must not allow your SR22 insurance to lapse. If you do, your insurance carrier is required by law to notify the DMV of this. Usually, this results in your losing your license again by either suspension or by having it revoked.

Different Types of SR22 Forms

Just as there are different South Dakota SR22 insurance quotes you will see from your rate quotes, there are, also, three different types of SR22 forms that can be used. The first one is the Owner’s Certificate. This type of documentation is to insure a vehicle that belongs to the person trying to obtain the insurance and reinstate his or her driver’s license. The second type of SR22 insurance is the Operator’s Certificate. This is what is used when the person applying for insurance and reinstatement plans on using an automobile that belongs to another individual. The last kind of SR22 form is the Operator-Owner’s Certificate which is a combination of the two. This means the person filing will drive cars that belong to him or her in addition to those belonging to another.

Getting South Dakota SR22 Insurance Quotes To Know Your Options

So, you are already aware of the fact that you will be looking at steeper rates for SR22 insurance than standard auto insurance. This is in addition to any fees, penalties or other costs associated with your original court appearances and getting the fines taken care of to get your license reinstated. That is why it is of the utmost importance to find a wide variety of choices when it comes to reviewing your options.

Now, you can get FREE online access to your quotes by “shopping” from a database of over 200 insurance companies. 95% of consumers who use this find they can save money. And, this can include SR22. It takes about 2 minutes of your time to fill out some basic information and start taking the first step towards reclaiming your right to drive. Get your South Dakota SR22 insurance quotes, today!

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