Texas SR22 Insurance Quotes

Texas SR22 insurance quotes are the best thing you can have to start the ball rolling to regain your driving rights. That is what you will need to get your license reinstated and be able to drive again, legally. Being without your driver’s license can be frustrating. Unfortunately, getting your state issued driver’s license back so you can legally drive again, can also be a frustrating and time consuming process. Not to mention, an expensive one. That’s because, you will have to pay fines or fees related to your charges and extra monies to be able to go through the reinstatement process.

SR22 for Texas Drivers

One thing to keep in mind is that the requirements for SR22 insurance are different depending on the state in which you reside in. In fact, there are some states which do not require it, at all. But, more and more states are beginning to. Not to mention, if you reside in a state and get your license reinstated through SR22 with that state, you will still have to carry this type of coverage during the minimum required time.

For most cases, the amount of time you must keep SR22 insurance is at least 36 months, but may be longer. And, if you let your policy lapse within that time, you will lose your license again. So, it is crucial that you do not let this happen. In fact, it is a good idea to renew your SR22 at least a full month prior to the expiration time. That is because the SR22 form must be renewed approximately 14 days prior to the date of expiration.

If the form is not filled out and filed in time, the insurance carrier is required by law to report this to the Texas state Department of Motor Vehicles. You will, more than likely, have your license suspended or revoked again. Get your Texas SR22 insurance quotes today to start the process to get your license reinstated.

Steps of the SR22 Process

It can begin with getting your Texas SR22 insurance quotes. This will help you connect with the right insurance carrier that can best meet your coverage and costs needs. Then the insurance company actually files the SR22 with the state DMV. The SR22 is a type of form that is meant to assure the state you will maintain insurance for a set amount of time. Because the state has deemed you a high risk driver, this is the only way you can earn back your right to legally drive again.

So, after the documentation has been filed with the state DMV, the process will then enable your license to be reinstated, as long as there are no other problems. But, this is why you must keep the SR22 insurance active as part of your policy for the amount of time that has been predetermined for you. When you find the best rates from your Texas SR22 insurance quotes, you will be able to get and keep your best insurance option.

Owners or Operators – or Both?

There are three main branches of the types of SR22 forms. The most extensive of the three is called the Operators-Owner’s Certificate. This type of SR22 insurance form is to cover the intended policy holder in both a vehicle of his or her own, in addition to the vehicle of another party. The Owner’s certificate for SR22 is, as the name implies, meant to cover the insured on his or her own automobile, only. So, obviously, the Operator’s Certificate is for the person getting insurance to be able to drive a car that belongs to someone other than the policy holder.

Reasons for Needing Texas SR22 Insurance Quotes

SR22 insurance is intended to cover those drivers that are considered high risk by the state of Texas. This form is a guarantee you will keep insurance until you are not a high risk. There are multiple reasons you may become listed as a high risk. This is generally the result of repeated or severe driving infractions. Driving under the influence or while intoxicated, especially on more than one occasion, is one of the most common reasons a driver becomes listed as a high risk. But, it may also be because of things like reckless driving or receiving too many tickets or driving citations in too short a period of time.

Take That First Step

To overcome the hurdle of that first step towards getting back your license, you should get your rate quotes. This will enable you the capability to compare rates and coverage from a network of over 200 insurance companies, all of which are competing to try to win your business. It used to be so much harder for people to shop multiple insurance carriers and would, as a result, settle for whatever they could find. Or, even worse, the first policy they find. This could mean paying way too much money for your SR22 insurance.  

Take just 2 minutes to fill out the quote form and be on your way to getting your SR22 in place and your license being reinstated. You may be surprised to hear it, but, 95% of those who get insurance quotes find out they could be saving money. So, take advantage of your FREE Texas SR22 insurance quotes, right away!

SR22 Insurance Quotes

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