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Washington SR22 insurance quotes will help you find the best rate for your auto insurance coverage.  Nobody wants to have any black marks on their driving record.  Unfortunately it does happen, and there often isn't a lot you can do about it, except try and be more careful.

If you do happen to get a few nicks on your driving record and have to get SR22 insurance, you can still look for a better rate by using Washington SR22 insurance quotes.  It will only take a few minutes of your time and will normally save you money! Here are a few facts about SR22 insurance, just so you understand it a little better.

You Have Been Labeled - With SR22 insurance, you have been labeled a high risk driver.  This means you can no longer take advantage of your lower auto insurance rates.  In other words, you have had your license suspended, and in order to have your suspension lifted, you will need to prove you have adequate insurance.

Reasons for Suspension - There are numerous reasons for getting your license suspended.  A common one is being caught driving without insurance.  Another is being convicted of driving under the influence, and you can also have your license suspended for having a few at-fault accidents.  There have even been suspensions for huge parking ticket bills.  So don't put off paying your parking tickets too long.

How Long Are You Labeled?

This will vary depending on the seriousness of your situation.  If you have gotten your license suspension because of drunk driving, you will need an SR22 for at least five years.  However if your suspension is because of unpaid parking tickets, it may only be required for a year.

Regardless, you need to ensure you get great rates and can do this through Washington SR22 insurance quotes.

Cost - Unfortunately your traffic mishaps are going to cost you.  Compared to a low-risk driver, you will be paying at least double the premium.  As well, this is a chance for insurance companies to take advantage of you because you don't have a perfect driving record.  Use Washington SR22 insurance quotes to get the best rate you can for your situation.

Multi-Vehicles - If you have more than one vehicle, you only have to carry SR22 on one policy.  Although if you have an SR22 for your car and you drive a motorcycle too, you will also need an SR22 for your motorcycle insurance.

The Steps - The steps to get your SR22 documents are fairly easy.  The first thing you should do is use Washington SR22 insurance quotes to ensure you find the cheapest liability coverage out there.  After you have bought your auto insurance, your insurance company will file the appropriate SR22 documents for you and forward them to the state.

A few days after this, your suspension will be lifted and you will be legal to drive.  Keep in mind that there may be additional fees for this process.

Who Orders It? Your insurance company, the DMV or the courts can order you to acquire an SR22.  You are required to use an insurance company within the state where you are living when filing an SR22.  In other words, you can't live in Florida and have your insurance company located in Kentucky.  If you move before your high risk label is removed, you must continue with the coverage until you are back to being a 'normal' driver.

Washington SR22 insurance quotes will help you look at your options when it comes to your auto insurance coverage.

Did you know that if you receive a notice of suspension from your state DMV, your insurance company will likely drop you?  You will need to find a new insurance company that will cover your for the basic liability and then they will need to forward your SR22 documentation to the state.  

After this is done, your license suspension will be lifted and you will be legal to drive again.

There are lots of unpleasant issues as a result of a poor driving record.  These issues will escalate if you are convicted of driving under the influence.  This is a serious charge given when you are caught driving after you have had a few alcoholic beverages.  These offenders will often be harassed and face social belittlement.  And they will have to spend a lot of money on court fees and lawyers’ charges.  But the largest issue is their license being suspended.

In order to get your license back, you are required to have an SR22 insurance policy.  This SR22 proves to the state that you have a valid insurance policy and that you can legally drive.  Washington SR22 insurance quotes will help you get your best insurance rates for any given situation. Remember driving is a privilege, not a right.  Be safe and smart when it comes to driving.

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