West Virginia SR22 Insurance Quotes

West Virginia SR22 insurance quotes only take a few minutes of your time and will help you find a great rate for your auto insurance. The minimum liability auto insurance coverage for drivers in West Virginia is $20,000 for injuring one person, $40,000 for injuring two or more people and $10,000 for damage to other people's property.  

Nobody wants to think about having an accident, but the fact remains that it does happen.  If you have had your license suspended, you will have to find an insurance company to give you coverage for at least the minimum liability and your insurance company will need to submit an SR22 document to the state to prove you have coverage.  

Keep in mind that you will be paying more for your insurance because you are labeled high risk.    West Virginia SR22 insurance quotes can help you get the best rate for your insurance coverage.

After this is done, the state can reissue your license and give you the label of high risk.  This means that you will have to pay more for your insurance because of your scuffed record.  You will need to make sure you do not miss a payment or let your policy expire during your SR22 period.

If this happens, your insurance company is obligated by law to inform the state.  When this occurs, the state will immediately suspend your license.  You need to ensure this doesn't happen to you because it will make it very difficult to find an insurance company that will cover your auto insurance needs.

Keep in mind you still need to make sure that you get the best auto insurance rates you can.  West Virginia SR22 insurance quotes will help you get the lowest rates possible, for the coverage you need.

Who Needs SR22 Insurance?

If your license is under suspension you will need an SR22 document before your license suspension can be lifted.  The SR22 form is proof for the state that you have active insurance for the minimum liability coverage.  

These are some of the reasons your license can be suspended: driving without insurance; driving while intoxicated; unpaid traffic tickets; unpaid parking tickets or too many at-fault accidents.  Of course there are some situations that are more serious than others, and this will affect both your insurance rates and how long you have to carry your SR22 document.  

How Long Will You Need SR22?

This will vary depending on the state you live in and the seriousness of your suspension.  A lot of SR22 labels are required for three years.  Although if you weren't thinking and got a drunk driving conviction, you will be required to have SR22 insurance for five years

If you are convicted again, you'll need the special insurance for 10 years.  A third offense will up that to 25 years, and a fourth offense will result in having to carry SR22 insurance for life. West Virginia SR22 insurance quotes will help you find an insurance rate that works for you.  

After A Drunk Driving Conviction What Do I Do?

After being convicted, you will want to request a restricted driver's license.  With a restricted license you are allowed to drive for certain reasons.  Of course you will need to look into West Virginia SR22 insurance quotes to make sure you are getting the best rate possible.

With that said, you will not automatically be granted the privilege of restricted driving.  There is a procedure you will have to follow, which generally involves a hearing with your state DMV.  There is also normally a waiting period before you can apply.  

So it is important that you figure out whether or not you are eligible before you apply.

If this is your situation, you should have an experienced drunk driving lawyer to ensure you make the best of your situation.

Regardless, if you are going to be able to drive again, you will need to acquire SR22 insurance.  West Virginia SR22 insurance quotes will help you compare rates and find the cheapest liability coverage for you.

Extra Fees - Keep in mind that in some states, you will be charged a small fee to have your license to reinstated.  You will also have to pay your charges and lawyers’ fees if necessary.  The more scuffs you have on your driving record, the more it's going to cost you.

Everybody makes mistakes, and with SR22 you are given a second chance to drive, if you have the minimum liability coverage for insurance in your state.  Although you may want to consider paying a little bit more money to get a little bit more insurance protection.

West Virginia SR22 insurance quotes will work with you to find the best rate possible for your situation.  You deserve to save money on your auto insurance, just the same as everybody else.

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