Wisconsin SR22 Insurance Quotes

Wisconsin SR22 insurance quotes will quickly help you find the auto insurance protection you need.  Making sure you compare insurance rates regardless of your situation is crucial figure out which company is best for you.

We all get our license with the thought of never getting into an accident, getting a ticket or violating our state driving laws period.  Unfortunately we are often faced with the reality that mistakes are going to happen.  

A few minor mistakes will likely not affect your license, but if you have any serious offenses or a few too many minor ones, you could have your license suspended and this is going to cost you money.

SR22 is like a second chance as it allows you to get your license reinstated after you have valid liability coverage from an insurance company.  Wisconsin SR22 insurance quotes will help you compare and find the lowest rate for your insurance needs.

So What Is an SR22? It is a document issued by an insurance company that lifts a suspension order placed by your state DMV.  This document proves to the state that you actually have the minimum liability coverage required by the state.  With that said, Wisconsin SR22 insurance quotes should be looked at to make sure you get the liability coverage you need at a good rate.

Who Needs an SR22?

Anyone who has a license suspension through the Wisconsin DMV needs an SR22 document to get their license back.  Some of the reasons that may have caused your license suspension are: more moving violations than are permitted in a calendar year; drinking and driving conviction; unpaid speeding fines; unpaid parking tickets, driving without insurance or other driving violations.

Financial Responsibility (Proof of Insurance)

Financial responsibility is assuring the state that you have adequate liability insurance for your vehicle.  For Wisconsin that means you have a minimum of $50,000 dollars and $100,000 and for personal injury and/or death and $15,000 dollars for property damage

Wisconsin SR22 insurance quotes will ensure you get the proper coverage for your situation.

Proof of insurance is documented by obtaining an SR22 form written up by an insurance company legally conducting business in Wisconsin.  As well, there are cases where a cash deposit or security of $60,000 can be forwarded to the DMV in Wisconsin.  This can sometimes be done instead of having to file an SR22.  

Situations for Proof of Insurance

  • To get an occupational license or get a suspension lifted after vehicle registration or operating privileges have been taken away.
  • To lift the license suspension because of a suspension from a violation due to driving with no insurance.
  • For young drivers with a sponsor under the age of 18.

When SR22 Is Not Necessarily Required

  • Missing an assessment interview.
  • Missing a driver safety plan.
  • Not having a driver safety plan (new arrest while in a plan).

Downfalls of Having an SR22

Being ordered to have an SR22 is not a good situation.  First off, you may find it difficult to attain insurance because you are no longer classified as a 'normal' driver.  You are now labeled 'high risk' and with the SR22 documents you have essentially been given a second chance to drive.  Otherwise you would not legally be able to drive.

With this comes the inevitable fact that you will have to pay a lot more for your insurance coverage.  In fact, it is often more than twice the amount that you would normally pay.  Insurance companies will use your blemished record to charge you as much as they can.  Be smart and make sure you use Wisconsin SR22 insurance quotes to compare rates and get the best coverage for your situation.

Just because you no longer can enjoy preferred rates, doesn't mean you still can't save money.  As well, you will normally need to have this special type of insurance for approximately three years.  Although if you were charged with drunk driving the guidelines are five years in most states.  

A second conviction would mean 10 years, a third would come with 25 years and a fourth conviction would mean that you will be labeled 'high risk' forever.  If you were able to find an insurance company to insure you for the minimum liability coverage, it would cost you a lot of money and you would have to have as SR22 filed.

If you are ordered to attain an SR22 document, you must ensure that you never miss a payment or let your policy lapse.  If this happens, your insurance company has to notify the state and your license will be immediately suspended.  

Regardless of your driving record, it is the law that you have automobile insurance.  If you have had your license suspended, you will need to have SR22 insurance.  Wisconsin SR22 insurance quotes will help you find the best rate out there.  Every penny counts when you're in the game of saving money.

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